Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones Take Center Stage at London 2012 Olympics

SOL headphones might be music to Michael Phelps’ ears, but another headphone brand has really taken the gold medal at the London Olympics.

Hint: it’s the one that’s winning the gold medal for success outside the Olympics, too.

Beats By Dre, which, according to a Reuters report, captured a ridiculous 53% of the headphone market in 2011 (seriously, think of all the headphone brands available today and then ponder that 53% number for a few seconds), has been a force at this year’s Olympics, thanks to a clever marketing angle from Dr. Dre.

The good doctor invited several Olympians to grab a free pair of Beats done up in their home country’s colors, similar to the British Beats you see above. Olympians, having fine taste in headphones themselves, gladly took the Beats crew up on the offer. Ever since, pictures have been popping up of the iconic headphones on the ears and around the necks of athletes from Great Britain, China, and some 20 other countries.

If Beats were already super popular before the Olympics, I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like after they are over. It’s one thing to see high-profile professional athletes rock the Beats, but the buying public seeing them represented by many a national hero is taking it to another level.

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