Five iPhone 5 Cases You Need To Own

The Internet was able to let out a long pent up sigh of relief today, as the iPhone 5 was finally announced after what can safely be called at least a year and a half of anticipation, dating back to before the iPhone 4S was announced. Now that there’s a new Apple phone soon to hit the streets, you know what that means- cases. New cases. Lots of cases. Always. In order to help you prepare for your new accessory shopping spree (should you be getting an iPhone 5), we’ve compiled a list of the five coolest looking cases that have (already!) been unveiled for the iPhone 5.

Musubo: Retro for iPhone 5

I’ll grit my teeth and overlook the maddeningly spurious use of the word “retro,” because the Musubo Retro case for the iPhone 5 does happen to look pretty stylish. The fishbone back gives it its own unique look, and the protection comes courtesy of a hard polycarbonate shell backed up by a soft silicone layer. Musubo claims that the retro part comes from the case’s similarity to an old, ’50s-style microphone. I can see it, but it’s still kind of a stretch. Either way, it’s a sleek-looking case, and should get some looks once you get your hands on your new phone. The Musubo Retro iPhone 5 case will be available in black, blue, red, white, and silver, and will sell for about $35 when it comes out later this month. As an added bonus, a separate folding stand comes with the case.

iPhone 5 Defender Series with Realtree Camo

If you need to triple down on protection for your new iPhone, take a look at the Defender Series with Realtree Camo. A two-piece polycarbonate case snaps onto the phone, which includes a screen protector. A rubber layer then completely encloses the case, making this the ultimate outdoors companion, if you plan on roughing it with your new gadget. There’s also a tree on the back, so you know. That’s pretty cool. You can have your new case ready to embrace your shiny new iPhone 5 for about $60.

Incase Metallic Slider Case

You knew Incase was going to have iPhone 5 cases at the ready for the big announcement. They’re starting off simple, with sleek, form-fitting slider cases for the new iPhone. The hard cases match the contours of Apple’s newest offering, and should offer a reassuring amount of protection to go with the good looks. Right now, the slider cases will come in three metallic colors – pink, silver, and purple. Simple black and white cases will also be available, as will crystal-style sliver, red, and yellow cases. The new Incase slider cases ship in early October, and are selling for about $35.

Belkin iPhone 5 Cases

Belkin, on the other hand, has all kinds of cases at the ready for the iPhone 5. There are plenty of different styles to choose from, as well as both hard-shell cases and soft, flexible cases. And, it looks like, because the iPhone 5 is so much thinner and lighter, we’re going to see a lot more armband cases in our future. The iPhone 5 isn’t even out yet, but Belkin already has a case line-up that should have something to please everyone. Belkin’s cases range from $20 to $30 – a little more affordable than the competition so far, too.

Gresso Revolution Bumper-case for iPhone 5

We couldn’t leave this post without an exorbitantly priced case, and so we have the Gresso Revolution Bumper-case. We suppose that bumper-cases technically do afford some protection to your case, although you probably don’t want to go dropping your phone on any uneven surfaces all the same. The Gresso case is made of titanium and coated with PVD, which gives the case that dark color. That golden area where the Gresso logo is etched is, in fact, an 18 karat gold inset. The case is barely there in more ways than one – it adds only 1 mm of thickness and 35 grams to the overall weight of the phone. Lastly, it’s limited edition – only 999 will be available. You put titanium, gold, the Gresso name, and limited edition together, and you can probably get an idea of where this one is going. That’s right – if you just have to plunk down $3,000 for an iPhone 5 case, your search is over before it even got a chance to begin.