IPEVO Origami Folio Case & Stand for iPad 3 Review

The new IPEVO Origami Folio case for the New iPad 3 and iPad 2 isn’t quite paper thin, but it’s as thin as can be to protect and stand iPad. This uniquely designed iPad case is amazing for anyone who’s looking to maintain iPad’s sexy form factor while adding a couple neat features like a multi-angle stand and magnetic smart cover.

The Origami case is so thin that it’s packaged in neat-looking envelope. The soft microfiber case is just 4mm thin. For such a thin case, it’s actually decently protective. There’s stitching that runs all the way around the case; if you drop the case there’s some crumple space to ease the impact. All the case cutouts are well sized and make for easy access to all ports and buttons. Interestingly, there’s no cutout hole for the home button, it’s covered in fabric. This doesn’t actually make the button any harder to push. It’s a design choice that we dig.

The front cover of the Origami case is where the magic happens. It has a built-in magnet which works with iPads smart sleep/wake feature. This feature is hit or miss with most cases, but the Origami’s smart cover functions near-perfectly. The front cover has seemingly decorative creases, but they’re actually for folding the cover origami-style. With just a tad of guidance, it folds into a fully capable stand. The stand can prop iPad in a landscape at a 20° typing angle or 70° viewing angle. The stand is really sturdy too. In terms of difficulty, it’s almost as easy as standing iPad using Apple’s Smart Cover.

The Origami comes in a few fun colors. Our purplish model is Azure, and we’re big fans of the color. There’s also Black, Honeysuckle, Lemongrass, and Tangerine. The exterior is covered in a suede-like material that’s really nice to touch, but harder to clean. Our only real gripe is that the edges are already fraying.

The IPEVO Origami Folio is an awesome case if you’re looking for something thin, unique, and comfortable. It’s a really cool design. You just have to be mindful that it can get dirty and also that it could be a little more protective. Other than that, it’s one of the lightest and easiest cases out there. The IPEVO Origami Folio case for iPad 2 and the new iPad 3 currently retails for $39.00, and is the same price on Amazon. You could definitely find cheaper cases, but if you’re looking for thin and light, you won’t be disappointed.

The Good: Thin, Light, Comfortable, Neat Design, Stands in Two Angles, Good Cutouts, Smart Auto-Wake Cover

The Bad: Tough to Clean, Edges are Fraying, Pricy Side of iPad Cases

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