Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo External Battery Keeps Your iOS Devices Juiced

You might love your iPhone, but chances are you don’t love its battery. That’s why a battery pack is essential. Well if you’re an iPhone or smartphone user who also owns an iPad or tablet, than you’re going to want even more power on the go, and that is where the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo comes in.

The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo External Battery for iOS Devices is a new version of Mophie’s original Juice Pack Powerstation Duo that is available in white, and is an Apple Store exclusive. To that effect, this is one battery pack that really compliments the White iPhone and white iPads to a T. As a matter of fact, with its white gloss finish and metal band it looks like a device that could have came straight out of Cupertino.

Measuring 2.28″ wide x 4.3″ long and .77″ thick, the battery pack is about the same size of the iPhone 5, albeit a bit thicker. Weighing in at 7.05 ounces, it’s a bit heartier than we would like, but it will hardly weigh down your bag.

The battery pack comes with a single micro-USB cable for charging it up. It also sports four LED indicator lights so that you can understand approximately how much power is left in the device. The internal power supply is 6000mAh, which is pretty much as high capacity as you can get in this form factor and should be good enough for about four full iPhone charges. The battery pack also sports two USB ports. This way you can conveniently and simultaneously charge two mobile devices at once. The device is also powerful enough to even charge an iPad. Finally, what also makes this battery pack unique is that its capable of a 2.1A output current for extra umph.

One feature of the Powerstation Duo that is especially appreciated, is that if you plug in an iPhone to charge, and forget to actually turn on the charging, the Duo will cause the iPhone to intermittently vibrate. This effect serves as an indicator that the iPhone is plugged into the device, but not actually charging!

Unfortunately, our biggest gripe with the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo is that its pricier than similar offerings from other companies. Also, Mophie doesn’t bundle any charging cables for the iPhone or other smartphones in the package. That said, the build quality for this battery pack and its design is top notch.

Overall, the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo External Battery for iOS Devices is pretty much a must have accessory for any iPhone / iPad user. We have found it to be super reliable and something that we never leave home without anymore. The fact that it now comes in white and that it matches the white iPhone and iPad makes it even more desirable for Apple fanboys and girls. One thing is for sure – the Powerstation Duo would make a killer stocking stuffer this holiday season.

The Good: Matches the Apple white iPhone/ iPad aesthetic to a T, powerful enough to charge the iPad compatible with iPhone 5 and most mobile devices, built to last, and powers up devices quite quickly.

The Bad: A lot pricier than similar offerings from competitors like Proporta. Doesn’t come with any special addtional cables for iPhone etc and doesn’t offer an option to charge directly via an electric outlet without an additional cable.

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