X-Doria SmartJacket for iPad Mini Review

The X-Doria SmartJacket for iPad Mini might just have it all. A snazzy design, ultra-sleek form, built-in stand, magnetic smart cover, and all around protection. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The cover on the SmartJacket is just like Apple’s Smart Cover. It has the built-in tri-folding stand that props iPad Mini at two angles. The magnetic cover creates a good seal and locks/unlocks Mini’s screen when open/closed; it works perfect every time.

The cover is attached to a rear shell with a nifty design. The shell is form fitting and made of a tough rubber that’s not especially thick or heavy. The exterior is glossy and has raised square bubbles covering the back. While the raised bubbles are mainly cosmetic, they help give the SmartJacket a grippy design that’s comfortable to hold.

Like any case, we’ll always come up with something to gripe about. We have two small issues with SmartJacket. Firstly, sealing iPad into the shell is a little weird; its hard to tell if its completely snapped in. The other issue is that SmartJacket shows greasy fingerprints pretty quickly. Other than that, we’re really satisfied. The cutouts are all perfectly sized.

The black SmartJacket model suits me well, the front cover keeps iPad Mini professional enough to use in formal settings, and the back shell keeps the Mini looking fresh and exciting. X-Doria also makes SmartJacket in white, aqua, and pink. The X-Doria SmartJacket for iPad Mini is currently available for $34.99 from X-Doria.com.

The Good: Sleek, Light, Protective, Smart Cover works great, Stand, Durable, Colors, Good Cutouts
The Bad: Cover gets greasy, Hard to tell if iPad Mini is fully snapped in, Stands are not sturdy