Spy Net Lie Detector is One Toy Kids May Not Want

As a matter of fact, this might be one everyone in the family is going to want to stay away from.

You know you’re living in the future when things like lie detector tests show up as kids’ toys. The Spy Net Lie Detector has made its debut at the 2013 American International Toy Fair, and it’s ready to determine once and for all who stole the cookie from the cookie jar. Teens with inclinations to sneak out at night will be foiled. Parents trying to sneak out in search of their own misadventures will be discovered. It’s pretty much guaranteed to be the opposite of fun for everyone involved. That kind of sounds like fun anyway.

The lie detector works by connecting to an iOS or Android device. You can download a free app that will show the readings and the results, while you use the sensors on the lie detector on the household suspect. The sensors measure things like body temperature and brain activity. It bears repeating – we are living in a time when technology that can read brain activity is being included in $30 children’s toy. Welcome to the future.

JAKKS Pacific is selling the Spy Net Lie Detector at Toys ‘R’ Us, Walmart, K-mart. and Target for about $30.