Jabra REVO Wireless Headphones Sound Too Good to be Wireless

Jabra is continuing to delve deeper and deeper into the world of consumer lifestyle audio products. The Jabra Solemate Bluetooth speaker was just the beginning. Their latest effort is the Jabra REVO Wireless headphones. Now Jabra has always been known for creating top of the line hands-free devices for the office or in the car. So it comes as no surprise that their Jabra REVO would be a top-notch pair of headphones.

In the Box:

  • Jabra REVO Wireless Headphones
  • One in-line audio cable with remote
  • One MicroUSB charging cable
  • Carrying Pouch

The Jabra REVO Wireless offers the best of both worlds. Not only does it let you go completely wireless via Bluetooth or NFC, but when the battery charge dries up (I was able to squeeze out two days of intermittent music streaming), the sound won’t go out thanks to the included audio cable that will keep the party for one going.  However, both experiences sound exactly the same. Wireless or corded connection, your ears won’t be able to tell the difference – that’s how good the Jabra REVO sounds. The sound experience is always balanced and rich. While the highs and mids shine on the REVO, the bass is also pretty impressive. However, vocals and string instruments sound especially amazing. Guitars are just plain velvety. Having fully tested the headphones for a solid month, including taking them on several trips on the road and abroad – the REVO has held up spectacularly and sound better and better over time.

Not only does the sound impress – the design of the REVO is really thought out and durable as well. The turntable touch control on the ear cups give you completed control of your music as well as incoming calls. This feature is very much inline with their hands-free headset technology. The ease of use and being able to multitask is a key component of Jabra products – and the REVO is no different. Along with its smart control features, the REVO Wireless is without a doubt a durable piece of audio gear, along with being super comfortable to wear. I threw the headphones in my backpack and shoved it around on my adventures without its trusty carrying pouch. And it survived! The memory foam ear cups held up very well too and allowed for long periods of listening time without putting pressure on my ears.

The REVO Wireless may not be noise canceling headphones but they actually provided enough of a tight seal on my ears to keep out external noise pretty well, which makes them even more impressive.


Jabra teamed with Dolby to create a sound experience that consumers would not only enjoy but also break them out of the just being a professional hands-free headset manufacturer. Not only have they developed a pair of headphones that is true contender in a way too crowded headphone market, but they have also thought outside the box by developing an app that will compliment and enhance your audio experience.

The Solemate was Jabra’s first attempt at something different and now with the REVO Wireless Headphones, they have accomplished the next step in truly being a contender in this frenetic headphone space. The Jabra REVO Wireless Headphones retail for $244 on Amazon. 

The Good: Solid headphones. Comfortable ear cups and headband. Excellent listening experience – especially vocals and strings. Foldable for travelling. Comes with carrying pouch. Sounds just as good wireless or wired. Works with a wire for times when you’re out of battery. NFC is a nice plus making, them future proof.

The Bad: The remote on the audio cable started to break after just a month of use.