Folditure Tilt is the Ryan Gosling of Folding Chairs


Alright, maybe the Ryan Gosling part was pushing it. But hell don’t you want to hang him up and sit on him? Ok maybe that is just us…Anyway, folding chairs might not be the most exciting area of innovation, but Folditure is doing its absolute best to get you excited anyway.

Last year, they debuted the Leaf, a folding chair that doubles as a piece of modern art. Their new chair, Tilt, goes in the opposite direction. The Tilt is at its best when it’s well out of sight, and when there are many of them.

Tilt tackles the problem of folding chair storage, which, hey, that’s a legitimate one. Most folding chairs are awkwardly shaped, fall down a lot when you try to prop them up against a wall, and don’t stack well into trunks. Tilt, on the other hand, folds up to be perfectly flat, so you can stack them or prop them easily and efficiently. There’s even a part carved out on the top of the chair that will allow you to hang them up on a closet bar.

Folditure doesn’t have pricing or availability information up for Tilt yet, but you can keep your eyes on Folditure’s online shop if you’re interested. It’s bound to turn up there sooner or later.

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