Customize Your Very Own Temporary Tattoo Without the Pain

CustomTattooImages_GeekyNerdSpaceInvaderHop in your time machine and head back to fifth grade, because it’s time for temporary tattoos to make a comeback.

Instead of paying 50 cents for whatever the vending machine thing at the grocery store happens to have, you can go design your own temporary tattoos on Sticker You. Using their site, you can order your own custom temporary tattoos, which can be made from their stock designs or images that you upload yourself. That’s great news if you want a real tattoo – you can get a fake one first, to make sure you don’t get stuck with one big, painful regret.

These temporary tattoos are pretty standard fare – they last a few days, can be applied using water, and come off using baby oil. You can adjust the size of that tattoos you want, but big ones will take up more room on the sheet, and Sticker You sells by the sheet. The tattoos on those sheets are pretty well spaced out, so you can cut them out separately if you want to give them out at parties.

Sticker You is selling sheets of temporary tattoos now at $13 a pop.