Hello Kitty Gets Her Own Pair of Vans Sneakers, Complete with Red Bow

screenshot_1226You know how fights get started when someone’s new white sneakers get scuffed up? Those fights might pale in comparison to what happens if someone knocks the bow on your Hello Kitty Vans out of whack.

You’ll find yourself giving hard looks to anyone who steps too close after you lace up these sneakers, adorned with huge red, sequined Hello Kitty bows on top. And, don’t neglect to zoom in on the rest of the shoe, lest you miss the finely detailed Hello Kitty print.

$60 gets you the best excuse to start a fight over Hello Kitty you’ll ever find. I’m not going to be so rash to say that no one has ever doled out a beating on account of Hello Kitty, but you’ll at least be in some pretty exclusive company should anyone decide to step carelessly all up on your bows.