How Instagram Single Handedly Killed Vine

Video on Instagram is here, and good news – it’s two and a half times better than Vine.

As of now, Instagram users can use the Instagram app to take video by pressing a movie camera button on the photo screen. The videos can be up to 15 seconds long, rather than the six seconds Vine users are limited to. And oh yes, there will be filters – 13 of them, at least from the outset. There’s also the Cinema feature, which does a pretty good job at image stabilization. All told, 15 seconds probably is a little more useful than six, although there is maybe something to be said for the shorter art form.

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the people saying something about that shorter art form. According to a Fast Company report, Vaynerchuk, who started a wine business using mostly social media, has opened up a Vine talent agency called Grape Story, which will be used to represent Vine stars trying to find advertising gigs. Vaynerchuk is a big believer in the marketing power of social media, but isn’t as high on Video on Instagram as he is on Vine. The explanation, appropriately, is short and to the point – six seconds is short enough for even the shortest attention spans. If you can find talent that can deliver a message in six seconds, why use 15? He’s also less optimistic about the success of copycat services, noting that Vine has already made its name as the signature short-video service.

Video on Instagram will be equally advertising-friendly. Many brands have already developed followings on their Instagram accounts, which highlights Video on Instagram’s main advantage over Vine – a massive pre-existing user base. Already, brands are using Video on Instagram to develop advertisements unique to the medium – something we’ll surely see much more of. GE, Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Lululemon, and Red Vines (Red Vines?) have all made fresh new Instagram videos that you can watch if you like watching ads.

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