CalypsoCase by Karim Rashid – the Luxury iPhone 5 Case Review

Disclaimer: this is a $169 iPhone case. Yes, the CalypsoCase by Karim Rashid, in fact costs, one hundred and sixty nine dollars. Does it improve cell phone service, add battery power, provide a second screen, or even talk back to Siri? No, it protects your phone, and some might say it does so in style.

Handcrafted. Premium Italian leather. Titanium backbone. Designed by Karim Rashid, one of the most prolific designers of his generation…. that’s what the CalypsoCase marketing boils down to in. It doesn’t reek of Italian leather, but it does have a scent. There’s a raised “3D” waterfall-type pattern on the back of the case that is visually appealing, though not necessarily eye-popping. This pattern design is described as a “symbiosis of the lines” and as a “asymmetrical beauty”.

As a case, the CalypsoCase is on the thicker and heavier side, but not impractically so. For its size, it’s actually a bit lighter than average. It’s protective, though there is not much protection on the front for iPhone’s screen. The leather exterior feels pretty durable. The inside of the case is covered in a very soft suede-like microfiber. For a bulkier case, the usability is fantastic. The 3D pattern on the back makes for a nice grip and there’s large open cutouts for all of the ports and buttons.

The Verdict

We’re not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your money, especially when a brand name carries a lot of weight in this world. That said, for such an expensive case, we’d expect a bit more oomph, and also for the case to offer a bit more protection. To that effect, there is barely any screen protection, and the frame around the screen has unappealing ripples around the corners where the leather gets bunched up. Karim Rashid’s CalypsoCase is currently available for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 in purple or blue.

The Good: Truly a designer case, Durable, Easy to apply and remove, Nice pattern and nice color, Good usability, Handcrafted, Made from Real Italian leather.
The Bad: Not enough screen protection, Too expensive!