Turn the Dial on the Areaware iPhone Radio Dock

radioWell, I guess the portable clock radio is already retro, further making me question the standards for what is considered retro. But, the iPhone Radio Dock looks pretty nice nonetheless, even if it is just a fancy charging stand.

The Radio Dock, which will be coming to Areaware in November, is made of beech wood, with brass on the handle, and looks like a good old (maybe not that old) clock radio that you may or may not have had on your nightstand not too long ago. Assuming it’s not still there, of course. No electronics in this one, though – you can just slide in your iPhone 4, 4S, or 5 to make it look prettier, although there is a hole in the back you can thread a charging cable through.


To complete the look, you can download a public radio app, which will scan the local airwaves for radio stations, giving your iPhone retro functionality that befits its new digs. It even looks a little like an old tuner. The app can only pull in a maximum of seven stations, though – but that should be enough to cover your old presets.

The Radio Dock is expected to ship November 1 of this year. You can sign up to receive an email when it becomes available. It’s not yet clear whether or not there will be separate iPhone 4 and 5 models, but I would have to assume so.