PlayStation Vita Slim and Vita TV – What You Need to Know

Playstation-Vita-PCH-2000-620x400Sony would like you all to forget abut the PS4 (just for a second) and listen to a name you might have forgotten – the PlayStation Vita. Sony’s most recent handheld console has had a rocky lifespan, with periods of low sales, but the company is trying to inject new life into the platform with a couple of new releases.

The PS Vita Slim is self-explanatory – a thinner and lighter PS Vita. The new release is a mixed bag – the display quality will take a step back, as the OLED display on the PS Vita is subbed for an LCD on the Slim. But, you’ll now get 1 GB of memory on the Slim, as well as extended battery life. And, because I guess smaller, cheaper versions of devices are required to come in tons of different colors, the Vita Slim will be available in black, blue, grey, pink, yellow, and white.


The other requires a little more explanation – the PS Vita TV. Handheld games have gotten to the point where they look good enough to be seen on a big screen, and the PS Vita TV takes advantage of that. It’s essentially a miniature video game console for Vita games. You pair it with a TV, slide a Vita game in, and control it using a standard PS3 controller. Some Vita games won’t work with it (namely, the ones that use touch controls extensively), but it’ll be interesting to see whether or not that changes once the PS4 comes out, which will feature a controller with a small touch pad.

The PS Vita will also be able to stream media from select sources, like any other set-top box. Remote play with the upcoming PS4 will also be possible. What that means is that, if the TV the PS4 is hooked up to is in use, you can stream PS4 games through the PS Vita TV and onto a different TV that you have the Vita TV connected to.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t announced any release information for the West so far. For now, we know that the PS Vita Slim will be coming to Japan on October 10 for ¥18,980, and that the PS Vita TV will arrive in Japan on November 14 for ¥9,480. Those prices work out to about $189 and $95, respectively.