6 Awesome Ways to Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

As you probably knew from the parade of pink across the nation the past couple of weeks, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer Awareness Month has gotten pretty huge over the years – big enough to where you can’t really be unaware during the month of October. Even NFL players are wearing pink. Apparently there’s a special 5 Hour Energy raspberry flavor being made just for the occasion. It’s everywhere, and if it gets even one woman in for a test and early detection, then that’s a win.

Then, of course, there’s the money to be raised for research. That’s where you and, well, just about every business under the sun come in. There’s plenty of pink out there for sale this month, with portions of proceeds going to research to find a cure. And, there are just as many awareness campaigns being kicked off. So, what’s out there this year? Have a look.



Lipault 15” Weekend Tote

Here we have a 15” purse/tote bag from Lipault available in a few different colors – of course, the fuchsia is the one you’re looking for. 10% of sales from the fuchsia tote go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and besides, the fuchsia one beats the other colors, anyway. There’s a removable strap, so you can make it a tote bag or a purse, and – essential – there’s a separate phone pocket and padded tablet sleeve inside, to protect your most valuable of valuables. This one’s going for $125, so that should be $12.50 to breast cancer research for every purchase.




We’ll take time out from consumerism for just a moment to cover the oddball social media movement of this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, because there’s always at least one. This year, we have something from the rich tradition of planking, Tebowing, and I’m going to stop listing them now because things got out of hand a while ago. But, you can forget about all those, like I did, because there’s a new sheriff in town, and its name is mamming. What is mamming? It is flopping your breasts onto a flat surface, although it seems like any surface probably works. It’s great, because it’s vague enough to make the possibilities endless. You can let your creativity really run wild with mamming. Maybe not too wild – the prudes behind mamming have a strict policy against nudity. So, – what? Oh, yeah. You do it so getting mammograms is less awkward. Yeah, I missed the causal link, too. But hey, there’s something to be said for holding true to bizarre social media traditions.



Your Man Reminder

We’ll move on to another freebie – one that puts you in charge of taking care of yourself and spreading awareness to women around you. The idea is that reminders to watch out for early warning signs are far more palatable when given by heinously attractive people. You can set reminders for yourself or send Man-o-Grams to friends – either way, a fine piece of man will deliver the message. Or a fine piece of woman, they just added a lady with the latest update. So, you know, either way.

The reminders directly help you out by teaching the TLC method – touch, look, check. You can give yourself self-checks, or use the app to set reminders about doctor’s appointments. Your Man Reminder is a free app, and you can grab it while it’s hot on the iTunes App Store.



Smashburger Raspberry Sorbet Shake

Hell yeah, milkshakes. Raspberry sorbet? Even better. The fact that this is being taken away from us after October 31 is criminal. Even more criminal is that it’s only at the Radnor, PA Smashburger, but if you’re in the area, good on you. Go get one. You will need to pay $4.49, which, as outlined above, is clearly worth it. $0.40 out of that will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, but Smashburger has guaranteed that they will donate at least $25,000 this month.



Catalinbread Pedals

Or, you can rock out for a good cause. Catalinbread is selling four of their pedal-style guitar amps in limited edition pink models for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The amps densely pack a lot of power into small frames, and each one has a different sound that mirrors that of a classic amp model from music history. In addition to looking flat-out awesome, these amps are individually numbered from 1 to 25. And, most importantly of all, 50% of each sale goes to Komen Oregon. The Catalinbread pedals sell for between $170 and $230.



Flex Wireless
 Activity + Sleep Wristband: Pink Edition

Fitness, eating right, and getting rest is essential to keeping your body in tip-top shape. So Fitbit is leading the charge with a pink version of their very popular Flex Wireless Tracker. $10 will be donated to the American Cancer Society with each Purchase of the Pink Flex Wireless Wristband.