eBay Revamps its Interface, Brings in Pharrell Williams as a Curator

A notice to shopaholics, eBay has made a few site changes that will assuredly be of interest to you.

The old traders’ emporium has increasingly been getting cozy with mainstream, corporate sellers, and now eBay is putting the two together in a few new interface changes on the site. Specifically, eBay is hopping on the professional curator train, by introducing collections. Professional curators/tastemakers will be scouring eBay for items both from mainstream outlets and individual sellers that you can peruse at your leisure. You can then follow those collections, or specific curators, to watch for new products over time. eBay Today will be one large collection found on the home page, stocked with daily items picked out by eBay’s chief curator. And amongst the initial crop of eBay curators is Pharrell Williams, as well as some other pretty well known tastemakers.


eBay profiles will also be a little more interesting. You can now make your own collections and display them on your profile, along with collections and curators that you’re following. It’s like your own little Pinterest board, except actually on the site you use to buy things.

Definitely related to this is the announcement of a huge expansion of eBay Now, the locally-based same-day delivery service from eBay. Once limited to just New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, eBay Now will expand to 25 markets by the end of 2014. One of those markets is Chicago, whose residents can start using eBay Now as of today.

So, the changes are designed to make it easier for eBay to bombard you with things you don’t really need, but you’ll probably want, and you’ll have instant gratification if you want to purchase something. Dangerous indeed…

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