15 Xbox One Tips Every Xbox One Owner Should Know


The Xbox One launch day has finally arrived, and if you’re lucky enough to take the next-gen console home with you, then you’ll want to check out these tips.

1. Want updates to download automatically in the background when the Xbox isn’t in use? Make sure that the “Instant On” setting is turned on.

2. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Snap feature for multi tasking.

3. Skype and other apps not working for you? You’ll need an Xbox Live Gold membership.

4. The Xbox One comes with a large sheet listing all of its voice commands on one side, and gesture controls on the other. Don’t lose this! Keep it handy on your coffee table so that new gamers can easily learn how to navigate the system. We even suggest having it laminated.

5. Saying “Xbox Select” will bring up the voice command options for everything you’re currently seeing on screen.

6. Hold the Xbox button on the controller when you receive a notification, and you’ll jump straight to the notification menu.

7. Use the right and left bumpers on the controller to panel across the screen quickly.

8. While watching TV, press the X button to bring up the OneGuide.

9. Pin on-demand movies and TV shows to the Homescreen by selecting content from the Store or from Xbox Video. This will also work with artists and albums from Xbox Music.

10. Xbox One not powering on with voice command? Try recalibrating under settings, and when you do so, make sure to double your speaker’s regular volume setting.

11. Don’t forget that you can use the Xbox Glass app as a remote control for watching TV.

12. Want to still be able to control and access your cable box’s DVR? Keep the cable box’s remote handy – at least for now.

13. Are you turning into a couch potato from playing to much Xbox One? Take a break… and play a session of Xbox Fitness.

14. The Menu button, located to the left of the X button on the controller, offers you options for your current activity and lets you switch profiles for sign in and sign out.

15. Stuck trying to power off the Xbox One with your voice and think it’s not working? Don’t forget to include the word “Power” and make sure to say “Xbox POWER off”.

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