Windows Honest Stories Campaign Captures Real People Using Windows 8



Microsoft’s new ad campaign is moving past hard numbers and specs, and getting down to something a little more relevant – how people actually use Windows 8.1 devices.

That’s not a bad angle, either – as important as specs are (or, at least, as important as we imagine them to be), a huge chunk of the market probably won’t use their new devices in ways that max out those high-end specs. There are probably even some of us who (gasp!) aren’t terribly concerned with the difference in quality between a 720p display and a 1080p display or a Retina display. So, it makes more sense to just show everyone why owning a Windows 8.1 device is just a pretty sweet deal in the course of everyday life.

That’s where the new Honest Stories campaign comes in. Proud owners of new Windows devices offer their take on how those gadgets fit into their lives. One of those stories just so happens to come from Chip Chick’s own Helena Stone, who lets us in on her experiences with the ever-flexible Yoga 11S from Lenovo. The other features Dan Anderson, a Freelance writer who incorporates the Dell XPS 18 into his daily routine.

It’s a good look into what makes a device match a personality, taking a more plain-speaking approach to discussing tech. Also, if nothing else, you can check out Helena’s westie, so you really have no excuse to not watch.

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