New Dog GPS Tracker is Perfect for Puppies

Last year, BeLuvv came out with Guardian, a little gadget to help keep track of kids, keeping them safe and not lost. And puppies are kind of like kids! So, we now have Puppy. BeLuvv is taking the same basic tracking idea used in Guardian, and making it suitable for the canine world.

Puppy is basically a tiny GPS medallion that works with an app to keep you informed about your dog’s location. There’s a map you can use to pinpoint where your dog is, and you can set up a safe zone or radius, and receive alerts instantly if your dog wanders outside of that zone. And, like with Guardian, everyone can get in on the act of keeping your four-legged friend safe. You can designate trusted contacts who can also keep tabs on your pet, and if your dogs wander out of the device’s range completely, all Puppy users in your immediate area can be notified to help you search.


The device itself fits into a pouch that can be comfortably attached to a dog collar. It’s made of polycarbonate, eschewing BPA, so it’s safe and lightweight. It’s also water resistant, so a little rain won’t make it go haywire.

For owners who would like to give their dogs some room to roam without having to worry 24/7 about their well-being, Puppy could be a welcome addition. Even if your dog stays in the backyard mostly, Puppy would be a pretty solid way to make sure they never get loose and lost without you knowing.

Puppy can be preordered now for about $30.

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