Samsung Galaxy Gear Gets Kid Robot Makeover

Samsung got artistic this year at CES, partnering up with Kid Robot to show off some high-quality figurines based on the Samsung Galaxy brand.

Loosely based, that is. The partnership looks to be in name only, but that doesn’t make the figurines look any less beautiful. Actually, that probably makes them more beautiful, because I don’t think there’s that much interest in seeing a hand-painted Galaxy logo. The figurine template in question is called MiWe, an acronym for Samsung’s corporate motto of ‘Meaningful Inspiration, Wow Experience.’ I’m not going to comment on the quality of the motto.

The highlights of the booth, though, were the super-sized figurines. Samsung and Kid Robot had three five foot models of the figurines on hand, with all of them hand-painted on site by artists from around the world, including Scribe, Buff Monster, and Woes. There were also some goodies that I’m sure many would like to get their hands on – those designs carefully reproduced on the Galaxy Gear strap and cases for Galaxy devices.

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