The Space Pack, Mophie Blows Our Minds With a Battery Pack That Also Has Storage for iPhone


Mophie is innovating as always with the first ever smartphone case that offers both a 100% battery boost and extra data storage space, leaving us to wonder why this hasn’t been done before. The Space Pack comes in two capacity sizes, 16GB and 32Gb, allowing you to lug around a whole lot more data with your iPhone 5 and 5s.

The free companion app Space, lets users access and manage the Space Pack. Airplay and Airdrop is integrated so users can send compatible items to other devices. They can be played from the app, letting you skip the often slow and bandwidth gobbling streaming process. The Space App offers a logical and intuitive organization process for all your files, making them searchable and easy to sort through.

This could be an ideal set up while traveling and taking huge quantities of pictures on your iPhone, freeing you up to not also have to lug the laptop with you. You can store your camera roll back up on the Space Pack, avoiding reliance on WiFi based Cloud storage. The 16GB is $149.95 and the 32GB is $179.95, both available for pre-order at Mophie, with shipping starting March 14 this year.