IKEA EXPEDIT Gets New Name, Design and Arrival Date – CONFIRMED

KALLAX with optional wall bracket

Apparently, the earth was ripped asunder and the four horsemen rode forth yesterday, and I wasn’t aware. Indeed, the very well-structured, symmetrical, do-it-yourself foundations of our civilization have been reduced to rubble – IKEA is discontinuing the EXPEDIT shelving system. I’ll wait for your panic attack to subside before continuing.

Actually, everything is going to be OK! The name, the beloved name is passing from this world, but fortunately, a rose by any other name is going to smell just as sweet. The EXPEDIT shelves, known by record collectors as the greatest thing ever, possibly even surpassing their actual records, are getting a slight (and I mean slight) redesign, and will relaunch in April under the name KALLAX.

KALLAX will be more scratch-resistant, and will have rounded corners on the shelves that should make them more child-friendly. The size of the shelves, on the other hand, remains completely unchanged, so if you came unhinged at the prospect of never buying another EXPEDIT shelf rig, it’s OK. You’re OK.

Just eyeballing the pictures, it looks like KALLAX is a little thinner around the edges than EXPEDIT, but the difference is pretty marginal. Something tells me KALLAX is going to sell just as many units, and that its name will, someday, be just as vigorously lamented when it too sets sail to the night lands beyond.

Goodbye old friend