Is the Toshiba Portégé Detachable Ultrabook Redefining the Business Laptop?

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The business laptop has always been defined by security and enterprise features – hardware and software to please the IT department. Processing power, sharp displays, and generous amounts of storage can be found in countless laptops – it’s the presence of that business-centric set of features that make or break a solid business laptop. But, should it really be that simple?

The Toshiba Portégé Detachable Ultrabook is a rethinking of the business laptop. That’s because Toshiba doesn’t just lavish attention on the needs of the IT staff (although, fear not, those are well accounted for), they focus on the actual user, the employee, too. How? By taking what would otherwise be a pretty solid business laptop and turning it into a hybrid device. Employees are more mobile than ever now – not only do they need to work on the go, they need to stay connected on the go. It saves a lot of time, money, and energy when they can do all that from one device.


It’s possible with the Portégé. It can be used as your standard business laptop, but when it’s time to hit the road, the 11.6” 1080p display can be popped out and used as a tablet. Employees are saved from the hassle of needing to carry extra weight, leaving the keyboard behind while retaining all of that Intel core processor power. They’ll have a tablet with the power of a PC – more than well equipped to get serious work done wherever they may be, while enjoying a long, five hour battery life.

It’s a device built around making employees more efficient, but it takes care of the IT staff, too. Intel vPro enterprise technology is on-board, and there are cutting-edge TPM and fingerprint sensors for physical security. One of the IT team’s many jobs is to make sure company data is locked down and kept confidential – the Portégé goes a long way in doing that.

It’s surprising more companies haven’t tried to nail down a business laptop designed to keep management, IT, and employees all happy and productive. But, the Toshiba Portégé has taken that bold step, combining the hybrid form factor that is upending the laptop world with world-class enterprise software and hardware features. In the world of business, that’s going to be tough to beat.

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