Meow Mix Brings Kickstarter to Cats with Catstarter

splash@2xThis time around, stretch goals just refer to what your cat will be doing in bliss in that one spot under the window after trying out one of these new gadgets. Meow Mix is booting up Cat Starter, a new contest to see which of three cat-friendly products will be brought into reality, to the delight of felines everywhere.

From now until April 11, you can head over to Cat Starter and choose one of three new cat inventions designed to make feline life even more luxurious than it already is. The Twister Dish is a carefully engineered food bowl made to ensure that food slides down from the edges to the center, to make food easier to eat for cats. The #MealMachine is a food dispenser activated by tweets, so you can feed your cat from anywhere, while the Hot Keys is a keyboard-shaped pad with heating provided by keystrokes on your own computer. That way, during the times you have the gall to do something else besides give your kitty attention, you can at least still be giving them some warmth.

Cats, being the kings and queens of convenience, will no doubt love any of the three. They’ll also love the fact that Meow Mix is accepting more ideas for future iterations of Cat Starter, so more goodies look to be in the offing. For now, you can vote for one of the present three and enter for a chance to win a free unit of whichever invention wins out.