Check out the Pecs on these Superman and Batman iPhone 5s Cases


You can now add a little more body to your ultra-slim iPhone 5/5S with a new pair of DC smartphone cases. Just make sure you slip into a phone booth before slapping the case on and unleashing your phone’s alter ego.

These new Superman and Batman iPhone cases are based on the New 52 versions of the two superheroes, the massive DC reboot that started hitting the presses a few years ago. They’re also easily the beefiest smartphone cases around, with body sculpting that reveals just how often your iPhone has been hitting the gym.

So, if your phone has been looking a little bit too much like mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent for your tastes, the two new cases are available now on Brando for $39 each. They also come in swanky, canvas-covered gift boxes, and they look to be officially licensed by DC.