AT&T Debuts the First HD Voice Enabled Smartphone on May 23rd

If you are looking to get in on the next wave of new smartphone technology – without breaking the bank, on May 23rd, AT&T, will offer the Galaxy S 4 mini, the first device with HD Voice. This is a technology enabled by Voice Over LTE. Unfortunately, for now, unless your friends get in on this deal – the HD Voice feature will be pretty much one-way. The receiver needs to have an HD Voice enabled phone in order to experience the new feature too.

Customers can score the mini-smartphone for $49.99 with a two-year agreement. But for those not willing to go down the contract route, there is the $14.24 on Next 18 or $18.50 on Next 12 with zero down option.

Also, HD Voice will only be in two markets at launch – Minneapolis and Chicago. So we aren’t sure if that is something worth moving to those other states for. But hey, at least you would be ready when it rolls out wherever you live.