Nokia’s Treasure Tag Helps You Find Lost Treasure – Sorta


I’m actually a little bitter about this one, because Treasure Tag sounds so much more exciting than something that prevents you from forgetting stuff. Still, seems handy!

The Nokia Treasure Tag is tiny (1.18 square inches), and has a loop that you can use to attach it to a keychain. Once you’ve attached into onto something you forget more often than you’d like – purse, keys, etc – the Treasure Tag will stay in touch with the Treasure Tag app on your phone (Lumia phones only). If the Treasure Tag gets too far away from your phone, a high-pitched beeping will commence, letting you know that you left something behind.


You can connect up to four Treasure Tags to one Lumia phone, and each will get their own Live Tile, letting you know where the item is. If you do happen to lose something, you can use the app to find it – using Nokia’s HERE maps, you can track the tag and your lost belongings. If you want to leave something behind on purpose, you can long-press the relevant Live Tile, which will deactivate the Treasure Tag.

You can get the Treasure Tag now for $30 from VerizonWireless.com. The tags come in yellow, black, or white, and battery life is about six months on one coin cell battery.

Now, if your problem is that you keep forgetting your phone, well, I don’t know what to tell you!


  1. Anything like this for Android devices for sale or planned? Know Apple has “Tiles” due for release Q4 2014.

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