An Old Friend Says Goodbye – DVICE Shutdown Is Imminent

After six years, fellow tech blog DVICE is powering down. Save your tears, though (maybe for U.S. soccer)—the DVICE blog is dead, but DVICE will live on.

For avid readers of DVICE, their usual content will be showing up on their sister site, Blastr. Until now, Blastr has been mostly focused on science-fiction and pop culture. From here on out, the in-depth science and technology stories you’ve come to expect from the DVICE blog will start popping up on Blastr, making for a one-stop shop for all things from the future. But, if pop culture isn’t your thing, all posts that would have normally been posted to the DVICE blog will get a DVICE tag, so you can filter out all the other stuff, if you so desire.

The editorial team put up a post on the DVICE blog about the shutdown, bidding readers (even the grammarians in the crowd) a fond farewell. Interim editor Evan Ackerman wrote,

And finally: if you read DVICE, and if you’re reading this, thank you. We’ll miss you. We’ll miss spending our mornings hunting down snippets of the future and then bringing them to you in what we hope was an interesting, fun, and unique way. We’ll miss reading your comments, even when they were making fun of us for spelling something wrong. We’ll miss seeing you share our stories on Twitter and Facebook, which meant that we found something cool enough that you wanted to tell other people about it. And most of all, we’ll miss simply writing good articles about incredible things that we could be proud to have you read. We loved doing it, and we’re sad to see it end.

We’re sad to see it end, too, but we’re glad to see that all the great stuff we’ve come to expect on the DVICE blog will still be showing up on the web. Their future-focused posts were always good for an interesting read, taking the long view of design, technology, and science. It’s nice to have people wondering about where we’re going when everyone else seems singularly focused on the next big thing in the present.

Why is the DVICE shutdown being wrought upon us? According to their DVICE Shutdown FAQ, competition is tough out there on the Internet. Blastr, their sister site, had a hole in their coverage that DVICE could fill, and the powers that be figured it would be a lot easier to maintain one successful site than two. Sadly for DVICE fans, they’re probably right. But, on the bright side, life is now a little easier for those of you already reading both blogs.

Sadly, the DVICE blog itself is no longer updating as of July 1, but you’ll still be able to access the site until the end of the year, including all of the site’s archived content. You might want to save your favorite articles in a Word document or something, because once we ring in 2015, they’ll be gone for good. If you’re being affected by the DVICE shutdown, you’ll want to go download the Blastr app to keep getting your mobile DVICE fix. Otherwise, if you haven’t done so already, get Blastr on your bookmark bar, because that’s where you’ll find the DVICE blog crew from here on out.