When the iPhone 5s Goes Out of Style, You Can Always Wear it as a Perfume Bottle

iPhone Perfume

This new iPhone 5/5S case is raising the bar when it comes to smartphone as fashion accessory. Now you can sling your phone over your shoulder, showing off your phone like it’s a high-class perfume bottle. If only it made your phone smell nice when you actually have to use it, it’d be perfect.

The case is made of soft, flexible plastic, with a faux-luxury plate stamped with ‘Cherie,’ which sounds believable enough as a perfume. What seals the deal is the shoulder strap, which looks like leather entwined with a gold chain. It’s not (it’s plastic and aluminum), but it looks pretty classy from afar.

The chain is too short to wear across the body, but it makes for a decent look worn over the shoulder. The chain can be worn as a necklace, too, but pulling off an iPhone as a stylish pendant is probably only something Flavor Flav could manage.

The Perfume Bottle iPhone 5/5S case and strap is available in clear, black, or pink plastic, with the clear case accompanied by a white shoulder strap. It’s selling on Strapya World for $30.10, and will ship in mid-August.