Celebrate World UFO Day with These 9 UFO Inspired Shows

Today is World UFO day. “Why?” you might ask. Because the Roswell incident happened on July 2, 1947. This is a date that is near and dear to all those that believe we are not alone. On this date, a mysterious metal wreckage was discovered on a ranch and it was also the first time reports made reference to an “Unidentified Flying Object.” Of course, that statement was quickly retracted, and so began the birth of conspiracy theorists and tales of government cover-ups.


So to celebrate this auspicious occasion, here are 9 UFO inspired TV shows and movies. Just remember, the truth is out there.


1. The X-Files

Do I really need a reason for why this show made the list? Besides the fact I’m still a hardcore X-Phile – this show drove home government conspiracies, featured alien abductions, Alien Bounty hunters, UFO sightings, and the list goes on and on. Let’s not forget the insane chemistry between Duchovny and Anderson.



2. V

If there was ever a series that scared the crap out of me, it was V. To this day – I’m still horrified by the sight of the lizard-like Aliens, disguised as humans, who ripped their skin off to reveal their true-selves. ~Shivers~



3. Alien Nation

Based upon the movie of the same name, the TV series followed Los Angeles police officers Matthew Sikes, and alien – George Francisco. This was far from your typical buddy-cop show. Instead, Alien Nation touched upon many social issues, the fact that one of the cops just happened to be an Alien, Male, and became pregnant was just one of them… again, not your typical Law and Order SVU episode.


alf-cat-1024x819 4. ALF

Oh, ALF (Alien Life Form), how we loved to watch you and your sarcastic quips. This lovable puppet would eventually become an 80’s staple as the obnoxious alien with a cowlick and a penchant for eating cats.


Navigator ship

5. Flight of the Navigator

It’s 1978 and 12-year-old David Freeman has lost his mind. Seriously, he trips, falls and becomes unconscious – when he wakes up the world around him is very different. After being admitted to a hospital, it is revealed that David’s mind is filled with extraterrestrial clutter – which obviously leads to David being kept under surveillance in a Military facility. There he meets Max (voiced by Paul Reubens), the commander of an Alien spacecraft, who encourages David to come aboard and become the Navigator. The story is sweet, fun, and one of the first early movies depicting CGI graphics.



6. Roswell

You can’t possibly have a UFO list that doesn’t include something about Roswell. The teen-tastic TV show took place in the same town that the “incident” first happened. But instead of taking place in the 1940’s – this teenage, angst ridden soap would take place in 1999 – fittingly right before we all thought the Y2K bug would end the world.

Bonus: I bet you didn’t notice that the actor who plays Jack in Revenge, was in Roswell. Uh huh…



7. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

You should all recognize this little guy and his magic finger, and if you don’t, shame on you! Now go and start streaming it right now!



8. Earth Girls Are Easy

This is probably one of the campiest mentions on the list, but it included future stars Jim Carrey, Geena Davis, Damon Wayans, and Jeff Goldblum… which is kind of mind boggling in itself. Wiploc, Zeebo, and Mac (now I know the inspiration behind the Teletubbies – just look at them!) crash land in California. Romance (you have to watch the film) and hilarity ensues. Man, I love the 80’s.



9. My Stepmother is an Alien

Did I say that Earth Girls Are Easy was too campy? I stand corrected, My Stepmother is an Alien might be even more so! Just like the title implies, Kim Basinger comes to earth after Dan Aykroyd’s character accidentally sends a death-ray to her planet – which triggers her arrival.

There is a marriage of convenience on Basinger’s part, but for Aykroyd, he has no idea how he got so lucky. For those who are big fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or How I Met Your Mother – you will appreciate a pre-teen Alyson Hannigan.


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