Someone Just Turned the Equalizer into a Pair of Smart Glasses

If you ever wanted to dress up as a poor man’s Geordi La Forge, boy do I have some fantastic news for you! Chemion is coming to grace your face with all the stylishness of a DMV marquee sign.

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A couple of inventors from South Korea, Jongkuk Lim and Tami, have teamed up with Neofect, a health care company in South Korea, to start up Chemion. I wasn’t exaggerating about the DMV part. It’s a pair of large black glasses with an electronic marquee that runs on some kind of riff on Android 4.4 KitKat.

You can put up text, or, better yet, put up two little pictures of hearts or whatever in place of your eyes. And, for anyone who has bought a sound equalizer T-shirt and/or rear windshield decal, your mission to get equalizers on everything will inch closer to success, thanks to synchronization with a smartphone’s microphone, which will pick up music playing around you. Yay! You can totally be that guy in the club.


If you’re wondering why a health care company is in on these shenanigans, Chemion is being marketed partly as an aid with people for speech defects. I think there are other technologies that might better suit those with speech defects, including, but not limited to, pen and paper, but sure.

Also, if their crowdfunding drive reaches $1,000,000, which totally happens all the time, the team will begin work on ‘development for perfect solution with people for lalopathy,’ which is an eminently reasonable and realistic goal.

But seriously though, DJs could pull these off. I’ll give ’em that.