Stellé Audio Puts a Unique Sounding Twist on the Hidden Locket

Stellé Audio is one of the more interesting audio companies out there right now, with fresh ideas about how to turn portable sound into a fashion statement. Their Boombox Clutch disguised a fairly powerful set of speakers as a handbag, and now, they’re turning earphones into jewelry—something so natural and obvious, it’s kind of a surprise there have been so few attempts.

The Earbud Locket is a set of wireless Bluetooth earphones that doubles as a necklace. While the earbuds themselves don’t appear to be anything special, the locket that houses them is striking, featuring a faceted crystal set in chrome. It’s nice enough to wear even when you’re not listening to music, which is more than can be said of pretty much any other set of earphones.templates


Inside the earbuds are 7 mm drivers, which should provide good enough sound to make these viable as your main pair of earphones. The earbuds have a few pairs of silicone tips that come with the locket, and are designed to fit the ear canals of women, which are on average shorter and smaller. On the side of the locket, you’ll find volume, play/pause, and skip controls. There is also a built-in microphone, so you can use the Earbud Locket to take calls. Stellé Audio is putting battery life at about 10 hours on a full charge.

The Earbud Locket will be available in February of next year for £159, or about $260. The crystal on the locket will come in onyx or aquamarine.

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