Android Now Offers Microsoft Office for Some Tablets on Google Play

The long-awaited Microsoft Office has made its way to the Google Play store. The wait is over. It is available for those users with an ARM-based Android tablet running KitKat or Lollipop with a screen size between 7″ and 10.1.” Let the efficiency begin.

Right now if you meet those qualifications, you can get Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. They listened to the resounding cry and provided it. Eager for feedback they said, ‘We hope you will join the preview and tell us what you think. Your feedback is critical in helping us deliver world-class Office applications to Android tablets. Download the Word, Excel and PowerPoint preview apps for your Android tablet today and tell us what you think in our Google Plus community.’

If you have some feedback to provide, do it here. Just think of all the slide shows on the go you can do now. Hopefully this interface is fairly similar to the desktop version we all have been using for years. There is also international functionality being added.