MommyTech TV – Withings CEO Cédric Hutchings Talks Wearables and More

All these new smart health devices are great and all, but is it really worth it if they aren’t smart enough to work together? There’s not much point trying to quantify your health if managing all of these devices starts being a time drain on a daily basis—it’s probably a reason so many people ditch fitness trackers less than a year after they get them.

Last week at CES, Andrea Smith of MommyTech TV sat down with Judie Stanford of Gear Diary and Gloria Sin of Techlicious to find out more about how health tech can become more user friendly from someone who knows a thing or two about the fledgling market—Cédric Hutchings, CEO of Withings.

Hutchings talks about Withings’ approach to health tech, and looks at how his company has been building many fitness wearables and home devices, pulling all of the data collected into one app while giving users a more complete view of their health. After all, health is a complex thing—you can’t just look at steps taken or dietary habits or weight individually and do anything meaningful with the information.

Of course, all that information needs to be easy to access and digest. Hutchings thinks that wearables need to do a better job of fitting into users’ existing habits, rather than creating new ones for the sake of the device. Instead of garish smartwatches loaded with features, Withings created the Activité, an analog, leather-banded wristwatch that just so happens to have sensors packed in. The data collected is passively pushed to a smartphone app—it’s a smart device, but one that won’t demand any more attention than your average wristwatch. That way, users are free to check fitness data from Activité and their other health tech devices at their leisure and feel confident in creating new, healthier habits—which is the whole point, right?