Samsung Goes All-Out With Luxury TV Designed By Yves Behar

Let it not be said that Samsung spares any expense when it comes to CES. This year, they trotted out the S9W, an 82″ TV and part of Samsung’s new premium SUHD line of televisions. The SUHD line is riding to battle on the back of vastly improved color performance and contrast, the S9W has another weapon in its arsenal—the product design expertise of Yves Béhar.

Like many of Samsung’s new televisions from this year and last, the S9W is curved and in 4K resolution. As part of the SUHD line, it also has all of the new color contrast features of the televisions Samsung unveiled at this year’s CES. But, Samsung’s also aware that some of these televisions cost way more money than most people can afford, so they figured hey, if you’ve got it, you should be able to flaunt it. The Béhar design is intended to make the S9W a luxury product, one that looks just as good as it performs.


The television sits atop a stainless steel cube, much like a sculpture on a pedestal in an art museum. That’s the thinking behind the S9W, and also why it’s informally been termed the sculpture television by Samsung reps at CES. It’s meant to be a work of art, in case the insane amount of engineering that went into making the TV itself wasn’t art as it is. The S9W aims to be the full luxury package, where its owners have to sacrifice nothing when they get their latest and greatest television.

The television can also detect where you’re sitting and rotate to make sure you’re getting the best viewing angle. It won’t be too useful if you’ve got more than one person watching, but if you’re just watching TV by yourself, it helps mitigate one of the most common complaints about curved TVs—distorted-seeming images when you’re viewing the TV from off-center.

It’s remarkable, if a little bit over-the-top, and it reportedly won’t be confined to CES. As of now, Samsung does intend to sell the S9W, although we would imagine they would be made-to-order, if anything. We don’t know how much it will cost, but we’re pretty sure you already have a good idea of whether or not you can afford it.