Hedgren Jamm 15″ Laptop Backpack Review

[A backpack is a representation of who you are. Lucky for us, we just discovered Hedgren bags; they’re unique with a very fresh look — much like us! We reviewed the Hedgren Jamm 15” Laptop backpack. It features an atypical rectangular design, water repellent material, and plenty of compartments. It’s not a hiking backpack, but it did recently spend a full 3 days at Yosemite national park packed to the brim, and hiking in some rain.

The Jamm design isn’t so far off from a regular backpack. The main difference is that Jamm maintains a rectangular boxy shape. Jamm has three main compartments. The front-most has a few organizers and is ideal for smaller items. The back compartment is built for a laptop up to 15.6″, and works just fine on smaller laptops. The middle compartment is for anything else: books, clothes, whatever you want. In addition to the three main compartments, there’s one zippered front pouch, a hiddenzippered back pocket, and an elastic side pocket that can hold a small bottles or small items.

Jamm’s boxxy shape isn’t the only thing that makes it stand out. The bag is coated in nylon, giving it a really shiny look. It’s currently available in (shiny) black, (shiny red) samba, and khaki. The lining is polyester.

The straps are large and well padded. There’s no sternum strap or waist strap dangling off the sides. I think this is a good thing, but some people prefer the extra support. I was able to walk roughly 10 miles for three days in a row and the straps stayed pretty comfortable. They’re wide straps, which helps distribute the weight across your shoulder.

It’s a relatively large backpack, most people would be able to fit a weekend’s worth of clothes along with a laptop and some tech. If you’re a tech junkie like me, you might prefer a few extra organizers/small pockets, but there’s actually a bunch when you count them all. Hedgren put a lot of effort into the finer details. There’s both a top handle and side handle, there’s stylish heavy duty stitching, there’s a metal Hedgren tag with serial number, and there’s even a funny little instruction/warning on the side that says not to put any luggage in front of this bag.

Jamm looks and feels really well engineered. The zippers are really heavy duty and the material is strong and thick. The only thing I noticed is a bit of distress on the top of the bag. I have a good feeling this was due to the rain. The finish is supposed to be water repellent. I exposed Jamm to more rain than I wanted to and all my stuff stayed completely dry. There’s a 2-year warranty, so if the distress gets bad enough I could just reach out to Hedgren.

Pricing in around $100, Hedgren is a pretty solid backpack. It’s large, comfortable, durable, and stylish. It has a unique and bold appearance that’s sure to get some looks. It can fit a lot and there’s a lot of organization options with all the pockets and compartments. Hedgren Jamm is currently available from Amazon for only $99.99 (it retails for $129).

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The Good: Large, Durable, Lightweight, Comfortable, Lots of pockets, Attention to detail, Water resistant, Protective
The Bad: Top of bag shows a bit of wear already, Could include a couple of smaller organizers/pockets for the serious tech junkies