Philips Fidelio L2 Headphones Review

It’s been a solid three years since the original Fidelio L1 headphones first appeared on the scene. A lot has changed in three years, but fortunately, the Fidelio over-ear headphones have only gotten better with the release of the next generation — the Fidelio L2. The design is still beautiful with a hat tip to the interwoven mesh front-end grille of a Bentley. Still the flagship headphones of the Fidelio line, the L2 continues to exude luxury. From the leather wrapped headband to the cable, every part of the L2 has been thoughtfully designed and manufactured, staying true to its roots.

The headband is wrapped along with the ear cups in a very fine leather that completes the package. Those with larger heads or smaller heads will find the L2 comfortable to wear, and they aren’t so top heavy that they slip off your head. The Fidelio L2 headphones are actually pretty lightweight even though they give off the illusion of being hefty. The size of the cups are not obnoxious and extremely comfortable. The ear cups still pivot just like the original, so when you need to travel, they will lay flat inside the included carry bag. But, they still don’t collapse, meaning they can’t be folded up smaller if you’re hurting for space in your luggage.

The L2 still comes with two fabric-covered cables. One cable is a straight up audio cable without any type of remote, while the other does have an in-line remote, making it easy to answer incoming calls from most smartphones. I’m also a big fan of the cloth satchel that is included, which could easily be used as a bag for jewelry or other essentials instead of your headphones.

Staying true to the performance of the original L1, the L2 continues to exhibits crisp highs and warm mids. The bass is extremely balanced and not overbearing at all. You can really tell the difference when listening to acoustic and classical music. Unfortunately, the L2 is kind of flat when listening to your standard pop fare. The sound is extremely balanced but truly excels on those tunes with higher frequencies. Over time, the L2 gets even better to listen to, but it took quite a few weeks to break in.


The Philips Fidelio L2 headphones have only gotten better with time. Design-wise, they are still an exquisite pair of headphones that truly feature refined elegance in an affordable package. I love that the brand chose to stay with the mesh front ear cups and the other flagship detailing.

They are still extremely comfortable and while the style of these headphones may appeal more to men, women can pull them off just as easily. I was a little disappointed by how long it took to break them in, but once they were, the sound stayed tight and balanced, with an overall emphasis on highs without an excruciatingly heavy bass. The Philips Fidelio L2 headphones are available now and retail for about $250.

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The Good: Same great design and quality build as the L1, very comfortable to wear, emphasizes highs and mids

The Bad: Not easily portable, took several weeks to break in, those that love extreme low end sonics won’t find them here