Sprint Gets Defensive, Drops 16GB iPhone 6S Price to $1 Monthly

Calling out T-Mobile by name in a press release issued today, Sprint has responded to their rival’s new trade-in deal featuring a 16 GB iPhone 6S for $5 per month by lowering the cost even further on their own trade-in deals, slashing the cost of that same 16 GB iPhone 6S to $1 per month.

Sprint’s deal is the same as their old iPhone Forever trade-in deal, but with lower prices that require an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus as a trade-in. Previously, they had been offering a 16 GB iPhone 6S for $15 per month with a wider range of qualifying trade-ins, but that cost has now been cut to $1 per month if you trade in a 16 GB iPhone 6. The monthly costs for the other capacities have been cut, too — trading in a 64 GB iPhone 6 will get you a 64 GB iPhone 6S for $5.77 per month, while a 128 GB for 128 GB trade will get you the new model for $10.53 per month. For the iPhone 6S Plus, per month prices will be $5, $9.77, and $14.53 for the 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB models, respectively.


Like the T-Mobile promotion, it’s an excellent deal for anyone intent on leasing their phone and upgrading to a new iPhone every year. If your intent is to own an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus outright at some point, you’ll still need to pay the cost of the device after a year, so you’d still be better off selling your old phone. But, we suspect there’s going to be a large market out there for people who want to upgrade to the new iPhone every year in the most expedited way possible, and plans like Sprint’s iPhone Forever look pretty good for that, and the new pricing puts them back on the top of the list of best leasing plans for an iPhone 6S.

Today’s promotional pricing will be available for a limited time and will start when the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus hit stores tomorrow. Sprint hasn’t indicated how long this promotional pricing will last, although they have confirmed that the previously announced iPhone Forever pricing, including the $15 per month 16 GB iPhone 6S in exchange for a qualifying trade-in, will be available until December 31.