Cat Ear Headphones Are Purrrfect For Sharing Music

We like to keep on top of cat ear technology around here, which, fortunately for us, is a pretty easy job. But it looks like we’ve been slacking, because these Cat Ear Headphones somehow sneaked past us, going from Indiegogo to the hallowed halls of Brookstone before finally catching our eyes.


These feline headphones are actually a lot more than just a kawaii play, though. The cat ears have built-in speakers you can use to start playing your music out loud at any time, making you the party epicenter. For gamers and call center employees (shouldn’t be any dress code problems), there’s a detachable boom mic included with purchase. Combine all that with the cat ears and some pretty killer neon LED lights that can be controlled separately from the speakers, and you have a neon cat ear gaming headset. Speaks for itself.

The Cat Ear headphones come with a carrying case and a 3.5 mm cable with an inline microphone and remote. They’re well past the Indiegogo stage now, available from Brookstone for $150 in blue, green, purple, and red. Super kawaii, just be judicious about when you use those cat ear speakers, or you’re going to get a lot of grumpy cat faces.


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