We Dig This Minimalist Table Designed for Tablets

Is tech startup furniture its own category? Well, if you look at the offices of tiny tech companies or proto-startups like Google or Twitter, it becomes readily apparent. We’ve seen all kinds of furniture built for the perpetual dorm room and for the tech lifestyle — both of which design house Most Modest has nailed with their sleek, minimalist (sound familiar?) laptop table.

The Kona Laptop Table is a small, one-legged table that resembles a music stand, but with a flat tabletop made of solid ash or walnut wood. Standard stuff so far, but Most Modest has added a smartphone stand to the end of one side of the tabletop. The stand matches the color of the base and can prop up any smartphone in portrait or landscape, leaving it easy to access while working on a laptop sitting on the table.


Most Modest is by no means done with startup furniture, though. Startup furniture is all about desperately grasping for lost youth, and nothing says lost youth like couch cushion forts. The Kona Modular Lounge is made up of cushions that look very fort-friendly while dispensing with those fort-useless couch and armchair frames altogether. The seat cushions are more like ottomans, which is the point — they can be used as such when you swap the longer lounge seats into the couch configuration. The sides and backs are more like regular couch cushions in terms of thickness and look like they have really high fort potential. There are a few throw pillows you can get, too, but point is, this is Lego furniture — you can build whatever you want with the pieces you get. There are some round Pouf ottomans thrown in that you can drag around with handles on the sides, too.

Most Modest designed the Kona line for HighTower, a furniture retailer that sells all kinds of furniture destined for startup offices and coworking spaces. You’ll have to contact them about how to get in on this furniture fountain of youth.

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