Google Spruces Up Android Wear With New Designer Faces

Style is everything when it comes to wearables, and while smartwatch manufacturers are still figuring out how to physically make them look great, a lot of top designers are nailing the watch face. This week, Google announced that nine brands and designers have completed their own sets of digital watch faces that can be download for free from Google Play.

The Ted Baker designs are standouts, featuring two-tone looks with prints that recede to reveal another image underneath as the watch hands pass. Melissa Joy Manning’s designs take after birthstones, while Vivienne Tam’s Opera Girl character gets a few new looks. Nicole Miller throws in some bright pop punk designs that look like they could be well-suited to some of the more brightly colored sports bands available with some smartwatches. There are also the more minimalist designs of Zoe Jordan, or, on the other side of the spectrum, the bustling, eclectic Harajuku Kawaii faces.


On the brand side of things, Yohji Yamomoto has created dynamic, black and white designs for Adidas, while Asics puts fitness tracking features directly into their designs with a fitness buddy that helps keep you motivated throughout the day.


There are designs here to suit both fitness-geared smartwatches and high-end, fashion-forward watches. There’s nothing here with that classic luxury feel, but anyone looking for a more modern fashion statement should be able to find something they like out of the new designs. If not, there are loads of other free watch faces for Android, and doubtless many more to come.

If you’re using Android Wear with an iPhone, you won’t have access to these faces just yet, but they should be coming your way soon. Android users can find all of these new designs for free on Google Play.