Health Band Wearable Wants to Put an End to Nausea

A solution to nausea that doesn’t involve pills that have side effects that are usually just as unwelcome as the nausea itself? That’s the dream for anyone who’s ever known morning or motion sickness, and it’s one that might come true next year if ReliefBand Technologies can deliver on its promises.

Fresh off a successful $5 million funding round, ReliefBand technologies is prepping the launch of their first device, a wearable called ReliefBand. It’s a wrist-worn device that looks a bit like a fitness tracker, but will function much differently. Instead of using monitors or sensors to track activity and record statistics, ReliefBand directly acts against nausea by using precisely tuned pulses that act on the median nerve on the wrist to inhibit the transmission of signals in the body that would normally make you feel nauseated. The band looks simple enough, with an on/off button and five intensity settings to help ensure relief.

ReliefBand has gotten FDA clearance, although all that means is that the treatment is similar to something that has been accepted to the market once before. It’s hard to say how successful ReliefBand will be, but if you suffer from motion or morning sickness (or nausea resulting from treatments like chemotherapy), it might be worth a shot, especially if you’re taking other medication and want to cut down on how many pills you’re taking.

ReliefBand is set to launch sometime early next year for $90.