WowWee CHiP is the Robotic Dog We’ve Been Waiting For

At CES 2016, we met CHiP, the latest pup in the wide world of robotic dogs. CHiP knows plenty of tricks, like sitting and playing soccer, but it turns out there’s a lot more going on in this 21st century pet. Andrea Smith of MommyTech TV sat down with Sydney Wiseman of WowWee to talk about how CHiP is one of the smartest robotic pets out there.

As it turns out, CHiP is pretty smart — he’s one of the first robotic dogs that can learn preferences over time. Sure, he can sit, dance around, play soccer, and all that with simple commands issued from a smart band (included with CHiP), but what sets CHiP apart is the ‘like’ button on the band. Pressing the ‘like’ button will teach CHiP which tricks his owner likes, prompting him to do those more often over time.

He won’t just sit around until you tell him to do something, either. CHiP automatically follows whoever is wearing the band, and will nuzzle against the wearer’s leg if they stand still. If the goal is to provide all the benefits of a real dog with none of the messy parts involved, this little guy is the closest any robot dog has come thus far. He’s even well-trained for nighttime — he’ll head back to his charging station automatically when it’s time to get some sleep.

CHiP gave MommyTech TV a little taste of what families can expect when he starts showing up on store shelves this summer, but he had to show a little restraint — like real dogs, he doesn’t do too well near table edges!


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