Turntable-Cassette Combo Embraces All Your Retro Tracks At Once

Need to take your vinyl party on the road? It’s definitely a thing that could happen in 2016. Ion Audio has created a turntable that is not only portable, but includes a cassette deck just in case the party needs a shot of the ’80s to keep it going.

The Duo Deck Digital Conversion Turntable With Cassette Deck is about as small as a turntable can be, in a design that might cause some anxiety if the owner actually does throw a party. The unit is just big enough to have a small platter and a needle — any record you play will mostly be floating in space, so the unit should probably be placed far away from party goers, lest an especially nasty party foul occur.


On the other side of the turntable is the cassette deck, so those old tapes can be dust collectors no more. It’s also possible to create mp3 files using both the cassette deck and the turntable, although vinyl purists will probably blanch at the idea.

The coolest thing about this turntable really is the portability, which is pretty rad for anyone who wants to share the joys of vinyl with their friends. The Duo Deck Digital Conversion Turntable With Cassette Deck is available now from Urban Outfitters for $100.