Dipper Turns Earphones Into A Necklace You’ll Actually Want To Wear

We’ve seen plenty of full-sized headphones double as fashion statements or trend pieces, but it’s a little more difficult to pull that off with smaller, more nondescript earphones. The Dipper isn’t just any pair of earphones, though — made from premium materials, it can be worn as a stylish necklace regardless of whether or not you’re using them as earphones.

As a necklace, The Dipper has three chains that go around the neck, all of which are attached to a pendant with a chevron design. That pendant holds the earbuds, which can be hidden from sight while not in use. Of the three chains, one is actually formed by those earbuds when they are closed up in the pendant. The other two are the cable that plugs into your smartphone and a chain that simply goes around your neck.


Tinsel, the company behind The Dipper, spared no expense to make sure that these earphones would actually be viable as jewelry. The chains are all made from stainless steel, while the pendant is made from an aluminum alloy. Depending on which model you get, all of that metal will be plated with 24-karat gold or gunmetal and silver.

It’s a pretty cool solution to the problem of getting earphone cables tangled in bags or pockets — no need to worry about that when you’re wearing them proudly all day! The Dipper will ship sometime this spring, but if you preorder now you can get a special price of $175. The Dipper will sell for $200 once it’s been released.


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