JBL Under Armour Headphones Review – Perfect For The Gym, But Great For Everyday Too

chipchickpick1Under Armour is getting into the tech scene and their new wireless headphones will have you wondering what took them so long. The UA Wireless Headphones are engineered by JBL and feature a resilient design that’s military grade sweatproof. Their key feature is TwistLock technology that keeps the buds securely snug in your ear no matter the type of extreme exercise you’re performing. Not only are they fantastic bluetooth headphones for the gym, the premium sound quality makes them perfect everyday headphones.

Other than the unique looking ear tips, Under Armour’s wireless headphones look pretty straight forward. It’s two large earbuds tethered together by a headphone cable that’s not quite two feet in length. Near the right earbud there’s an Inline ControlTalk button. The ControlTalk has a built-in microphone, volume/track control buttons, and a universal button that controls music, voice control, and even phone calls. The ControlTalk also has a discreet micro-USB port hidden under a plastic cover.

The earbuds are large, but not abnormally so. The silicon ear tips are funny looking, but for good reason. They’re uniquely designed to “lock in” to your ears. Don’t fret, they don’t literally “lock in”, but they do fit securely and comfortably in your ear where they won’t easily fall out. JBL calls it TwistLock, and it works pretty darned well. Occasionally, I still have to adjust them or reset them, but they really do a fantastic job staying in through various types of extreme exercise. These ear tips, also called enhancers, come in two sizes. Both should work, but one will work better, so try both. JBL includes a couple cord management clips so you can tighten the cord around your chin for a better fit. The cord can go in front of the neck or behind the neck, but front works better, especially if you’re going to make a phone call.

The headphones have a sweat-proof construction and are even IPX-5 military rated. IPX-5 means the headphones could withstand a few minutes of water jets firing at the them from any direction. Aside from withstanding your sweat, they feel relatively durable. The cord is a bit thin, but there’s supposed to be internal and external strain reliefs to keep them tough. There’s a particularly nice carrying case included. It’s a soft silicon carrying case.

For such minimalistic Bluetooth headphones, JBL has done a great job packing them up with some solid features. It uses the Bluetooth 4.0 specification and can stream music for up to 8 hours. That’s a pretty great battery for headphones this size. Nicely, they use a standard Micro-USB cable for charging.

While these UA headphones technically fall into the category of gym headphones, they sound so good there’s no reason they can’t be everyday headphones. The ear tips create a really great seal in your ear that keeps music in, noise out, and creates a really full and bassy audio experience. There’s a lot of clarity and detail in the audio. There’s a lot of bass, but not overwhelmingly so. The “JBL Signature Sound” tag actually means something with these Under Armour headphones. There’s a lot of oomph and power behind the audio that works really well at the gym. They’re kind to most any genre too, they’re not just great for gym-tunes like hard rock and hip hop. You can throw on some acoustics and still be really impressed with the sound signature and clarity. The mid-range audio is really well defined.

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