Mophie Slim Powerstation 2X Review

chipchickpick1Mophie never lets us down. They are always there to revive our always dying smartphones. The Mophie Powerstation 2X comes to the rescue with 2 full charges for the iPhone 6. It does this while being ultra light weight and thin, almost exactly as thin as the iPhone 6, but even shorter in length by about 3/4 of an inch. We reviewed the Powerstation 2X. Here is what we thought.

The slender aluminum frame is just as sophisticated looking as the iPhone is, and much lighter. That means that due to its size, you can easily slip it into any purse pocket normally dedicated to a smartphone. I keep it with my iPhone in the same pocket and it sits quite comfortably. The bottom of the Powerstation has a USB port for charging with your device specific cord, and a micro-USB port to power up the battery with the included USB to micro-USB cord. On the side are four small lights and a button. Push the button, and you will see how much charge you have left on the battery.

The real genius in the design is how it charges. It offers two very impressive features: 2.4A high-current charging and priority+ charging. 2.4A high-current charging simply means that built-in “smart” charging circuitry can see what your smartphone’s power needs are and then tailor the output to accommodate that. The end result is a full-charge that happens 2-4 times faster than you can usually charge your smartphone. Priority charging means that you can both charge the battery pack, and your smartphone at once. Powerstation prioritizes charging your smartphone first and then juicing up the battery pack. Plug it in at night, then in the morning, you have a fully charged smartphone with 2 full charges to use throughout the day. If you forget, grab it and charge up while you have breakfast. Yeah, it is that fast.

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