20 Geeky Nail Designs for Your Next Trip to the Salon

Exploding Tardis A La Van Gogh

Image Credit: Doctor Who and Images via Etsy” target="_blank">Doctor Who 24/7
Photos/Images via Adventures in Acetone and Doctor Who 24/7/tumblr from BBC

Remember that episode where the Doctor visited Vincent Van Gogh, but ended up seeing a timey wimey future where the Tardis explodes in artistic glory? Well, you can have that on your nails by checking out Adventures In Acetone Blog.

Open Wormholes Across the Universe with Stargate Nails

Photo via Mimie Cristal/Pinterest

Diehard Stargate fan Mimie Cristal put incredible detail into replicating the oscillating rings of a stargate on these awesome nails. It is a great idea to work with and would look really great with some “wormhole blue” worked in.

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