Get The 27-Inch iMac With An Old School Retro Apple Logo

ColorWare is making a habit out of this retro Apple thing. After customizing the iPhone 6S and the MacBook Air with the old multicolored Apple logo, they’ve now gotten their hands on some 27″ iMacs. And, like before, you’ll want to act quickly if you want one for yourself.

ColorWare, best known for letting you customize the color scheme of your gadgets, has been doing a lot more limited edition custom designs over the past couple of years, including this retro Apple series. This time, the 27″ iMac (with the 5k retina display) gets the old Apple logo in place of the usual black ones sitting under the display and on the back. It also has the “vanilla and putty” color of the Apple IIe.


Not enough to win you over? This one comes with a couple friends. ColorWare has also given the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Mouse 2 retro overhauls, and are including them in the package. That package is as limited as ever, though — ColorWare is only customizing 25 iMacs, so get one while you can. If you miss out, you can still get a consolation prize — they’re producing an additional 100 units of both the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 that you can buy separately. The iMac package costs $3,800 and ships in two to four weeks, while the Magic Keyboard/Magic Mouse 2 duo costs $400 and ships in seven to ten days.