Turkish Engineering Company Builds Working Transformer Out of a BMW

I’m pretty sure that in 2066, the world is just going to be a pastiche of 20th century science fiction wish fulfillment. I’m not complaining. First we got all that Back to the Future stuff, and now we’re well on our way to getting real Transformers. A Turkish engineering company called Letvision has gotten us started with a BMW that is far more than meets the eye.

The BMW (we’re not sure which model) can still move, but slow it down to a stop and it can become an ’80s cartoon hero. The car transforms into Antimon, thanks to people who, fortunately for us, have a ton of time on their hands. The incredible technical feat (just watch the video) involves Wi-Fi connectivity, hydraulics, and a ton of servo motors to get the head and arms moving. They even got some sound effects in there to round things out. The only thing Antimon can’t do is move on its own, because if it could, its creators would probably be working for someone’s government by now.

Letvision has dubbed Antimon the leader of the Letrons, which means there are more Transformers on the way. They’re actually starting to sell the things, although patience is required — it took eight months to finish Antimon. The only catch is that, for now, Letrons can’t be driven when they’re in car form. Letvision says the cars can be driven by remote control using their own software and a Wi-Fi connection. But, they’ve started to look into using cars with electric motors, which would open up enough working room to allow the driver to still drive the car. I’m not sure if the driver’s seat would automatically turn into a cockpit or what, but I’m sure they have their top people working on it.

Letvision has more technical information up on their site, along with some FAQs that suggest that they would be willing to get the robots to walk if they got enough funding to do the research and development. Can’t help but think that would require the budgets of at least three, maybe four Michael Bay Transformers movies. Sounds right.

Via 100.3 The Edge